Importance for the rules for using open Wi-Fi spots

Cyber ​​security not only protects your PC and your mobile devices from attacks by Trojans and malware. It’s more about securing your networks. You need to secure each party to your network. However, the fact is that these open public Wi-Fi networks are very vulnerable to cyber-attacks, especially if you are traveling.

Using a public Wi-Fi hotspot poses several dangers. Learn more about Wi-Fi security and some tips and precautions to safely use public wifi.

Wi-Fi security when traveling

Keep your Wi-Fi out

Usually everyone have the habit to stay safe on public Wi-Fi in their mobile devices, which automatically connects to an open public WiFi network that is not secure. Keep your Wi-Fi turned off and turn it on only if you want to use the Internet.

It is not recommended to use public wireless LAN connections unless you have something really important to do. Open Wi-Fi connections that are not secured with a password are usually dangerous because anyone using the same Wi-Fi network can hack and hack your device. All your credentials are in the air.

public Wi-Fi networks


A virtual private network, often referred to as a VPN, is a kind of private tunnel in your network that protects you from unwanted intrusion.

If you use a VPN, all your Internet activity is hidden from the attackers. It’s pretty easy to set up a VPN for mobile devices, laptops, and tablets. You can use several good free VPN software.

Public charging stations are not safe

Have you heard of Juice Jacking? It is a way to steal all the data stored in your phone through the USB charging cable. When you use the USB port of public charging stations, you actually grant the hackers unconscious access to all your data. It is always better to have your own energy bank and not to use the public charging stations for your mobile phones.

Share settings

Before connecting to the public WLAN, make sure the sharing settings on your devices are turned off. Keeping these settings will result in data theft.

Wear an Ethernet-capable device

Yes, you cannot imagine your life without the Internet, but using public Wi-Fi is not a good option. If you’re a business traveler and need internet access when you’re on the go, you should bring your own Ethernet port and Ethernet-enabled device with you.

Personal hotspot

While this is an expensive option, it is the best option for business travelers who need to be online every time. A private / personal hotspot includes prepaid and postpaid plans. The personal hotspot rules for using open Wi-Fi spots protect your online activities and encrypt all your data. All your online activities, including money transactions, are secured. You must follow the rules for using open Wi-Fi spots.