How to stop wasting time on the internet

Every day you spend almost two hours on the Internet. Whether with your smartphone, your tablet or your computer, you are addicted! Yet spending less time on the net is good for morale and even health. You doubt it? Here are 10 good reasons to reduce your time on the web.

Refocus on your life

On the Internet, you only reveal certain information. You idealize your life. By disconnecting more often and spend less time on the internet, you can regain control and refocus on your daily life. You also have a more realistic vision of your life.

Be more efficient at work

At work, you use the Internet too much for personal reasons. By spending less time on the web, you can focus on your tasks and be much more efficient. This habit can distinguish you from your colleagues and you open doors!

Enjoy your friends

Instead of discussing hours with your friends online and stop wasting time on the internet, why not go out and enjoy them! Nothing like a restaurant, or, an evening in a bar to have a good time and tighten your friendships.

wasting time on the internet

Your family

You have to enjoy your family! Instead of spending hours on the net, you can go see your parents, your grandparents or your brothers and sisters. You can also just have a good time with your half and his toddlers.

Find new occupations

An hour on the Internet can easily be replaced by an hour of sport, reading, walking, discovery, cooking, etc…

Better organize

If you do not stop constantly to check his emails, social networks or news, you can be better organized! So everyday, you finish your personal and professional tasks and you can even have some time for yourself!

Take care of your eyes

Spending time on the net is like spending hours in front of a screen. By decreasing the time spent on the canvas, you preserve your eyes. They need more natural light and tears to be healthy, two things they miss when you are in front of your screens.

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles

When you spend hours online, you spend an incredible time squinting. This reflex accelerates the appearance of wrinkles especially around the eyes and on the forehead. Spending less time on the computer, you stay young longer!

Improve the quality of your sleep

When you connect in the evening, you find it difficult to fall asleep. The intense light emitted by the screens and the brain activity that takes place explains this phenomenon. In the evening, it is necessary to disconnect to preserve the quality of sleep.