How to send money to a bank account in India?

Many people think about how to send money to India bank account from any country. But it’s pretty simple because various payment services transfer money. In addition, this can be done with a minimal commission for the sender. This article will look more at ways to transfer funds to India.

General information

Not only in India but also in other countries of the world, there are special services for making international money transfers. Therefore, to send money to bank account in India, you need to decide on the payment option. And to make the right choice, you need to consider the following points:

  • Transfer speed – if sending money to an Indian bank account needs to happen as quickly as possible, choose a payment system with the maximum transfer speed.
    Money transfer exchange rate – each payment service has its exchange rate for the currency, so pay attention to this.
  • Amount of commission when transferring to a bank account in India services charge different percentages for bank transfers. If the transfer amount is significant, then the size of the commission will be of great importance.
  • Ease of use – using the payment service should be as convenient as possible. For example, creating an account and then allowing and logging into your current account. Inconvenience in this aspect can create significant discomfort when using the selected service.

Considering the above factors, we will offer the best methods to send money to bank account in India, where sending funds will be the most acceptable.

Guide to payment methods for money transfers

How to send money to India bank account? There are many ways to transfer money to Indian bank account so choosing right away is challenging. To make it easier for you to choose, we have selected the most convenient and profitable options for transferring money to an account in an Indian bank.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

If you need to transfer money online from the US, the best way to send money to Indian bank account is through ACH. Most of the P2P services included in this list operate by initiating an ACH transaction on behalf of the sender. If the size of the transfer fee is your priority, then this is the best choice.

There are two types of ASN: debit (free) and credit (paid). Such payments are convenient for small amounts (salary, monthly bills). Sending money is convenient but may take more than three days.


It is considered the cheapest option to send money to bank account in India. Other services offer international conversion ratios, while this service provides the real exchange rate. It indicates both translation conversion and purchasing opportunities. Wise is a cheap and convenient option to send money to bank in India. However, this method has several disadvantages. Transfers may be delayed, and the transfer may take several days. Accounts must also be verified. The main inconvenience is the need for more status for easy tracking by the recipient.

Money transfers

Money or rewards transfer is the most accessible method to send money to Indian bank account. Many banks provide such a transfer for a small commission. You must deposit an international money transfer money to Indian bank account to use this method. To cash a check, you must provide a document confirming your identity. The disadvantage may be that to transfer cash, you will need to go to a bank branch or Western Union, and it will take some time to transfer funds.


It is the best way to send money to Indian bank account. This money transfer service is stable and reliable. In addition, the commission for wire transfers is minimal. Transfers to the bank arrive on time: if without a commission, then within three days; if taking into account commissions (express transfer), then in no more than 4 hours. Compared to other services, using Remitly, you can send money to Indian bank account for no more than $30,000.

Telegraphic transfer

This transfer of money is classic, used for decades. It is the safest, fastest, and most reliable way to send money to bank in India. Of course, this system must be updated and associated with some inconveniences.

To use this option, you need to take some steps: visit a bank branch and provide all the necessary details of the recipient. Each bank has its terms for such transfers. But, if you want to send money to Indian bank account more quickly, you must pay commissions. Be careful in the process of providing data because, in case of an error, the money will be returned will not be returned to the sender.

The PayPal payment system supports this service and is one of the most convenient and fastest ways to send money to bank account in India. The main advantage of Xoom is sending funds from the network to offline. Hence, after completing the online transaction, the recipient can receive the remittance at a designated location in India. The recipient does not need a bank account or Internet connection to receive money.

We list the main advantages of this method of transferring money to a bank account in India:

  • customer support is multilingual and works around the clock;
  • fixed commissions for money transfers;
  • transfers are carried out in just a few minutes.

But there are several disadvantages to transferring money to an Indian bank account:

  • The account limits the transfer amount to 2999 US dollars per day;
  • Each country from which a money transfer is made may charge a commission of up to 90 US dollars;
  • In addition to restrictions on the number of transfers per day, there are restrictions on the number of transfers per month and once every two years;
  • Financial service Xoom will round up to the nearest rupee to send money to a bank account in India. Hence, the commissions will be significantly higher.

Please note that transfer limits will depend on your account rating.


To transfer money to an Indian bank account, you can use the international financial transfer service MoneyGram. It is the best online option for same-day transfers, but will cost more. However, it is still a fairly popular service due to its availability, speed, and stability.

The main advantages of MoneyGram to send money to a bank account in India:

  • translation speed is often no more than 10 minutes;
  • the service covers more than 200 countries from all over the world;
  • provides reliable protection against cyber fraudsters;
  • small (or no) commissions if the money is transferred to a bank account;
  • the working experience of this system is more than 80 years.

But sending money to an Indian bank account in this way also has its drawbacks:

  • monthly transfers of no more than 10 thousand US dollars are allowed;
  • small exchange rate margin;
  • each country from which the transfer is made has its requirements for providing various documents.

Western Union

Let’s look at how to send money to Indian bank account using Western Union. This transfer system is considered one of the most reliable and easy to use. Therefore, their branches are distributed in almost all countries of the world. It can transfer up to 50 thousand US dollars daily to the Indian State Bank, ICICI, HDFC, and other Indian banks.

Please note that the transfer may take up to 7 days (with debit or credit payment, it is faster, but with commissions). Because the amount of the commission charged depends on the transfer amount and the place of receipt, you should refrain from replenishing your bank account in India with small amounts using this method (unprofitable).


How to send money to India bank account? Using PayPal, you can send money to India bank account without using a credit card best or bank account. Advanced search ensures secure and accurate fund transfers, and each user has a unique link and QR code. This transfer service is very convenient, and there are no commissions for personal use. But a commission will be charged if you use this system for commercial purposes.

The system uses special encryption that ensures high reliability of financial transactions, so the transferred savings will reach the specified destination. You can send money to a bank account in India within three days (for free transfers). Fraud is practically excluded; the system will always tell you about errors. Please note that his account will be blocked until the user confirms the required data.


Thus, we figured out how to send money to Indian bank account using various financial services and systems. Each of the listed options has its advantages and disadvantages related to the amount of commissions, restrictions on the amount of transferred funds, the duration of the transfer, and so on. Depending on the user’s requirements, everyone will determine which method suits them best, prioritizing speed, security, amount of transferred funds, and commission percentage.

It is strongly recommended that before using one of the presented methods, you study all the conditions in detail so that some aspects of the translation are not an unpleasant surprise.


Best ways to send money to India

To understand how to send money to India, you must know many ways to transfer cash. Not all options for sending money to a bank may be acceptable for users, considering various aspects: the amount of commissions, terms of receipt, restrictions on amounts, etc. This article will look at the best rate to send money to India using various financial services.

Introductory information

Thanks to international money transfers, it is possible to send money to almost any country, given the fastest way to send money to India. Indeed, for many, the priority of the best online money transfer is small fees for the transfers provided.

To decide on the option of sending funds, it is recommended to rely on the following aspects:

  • Speed of sending money – if the user’s priority is the transfer speed, then he should choose the fastest way to send money to India.
  • Currency exchange rate – all financial systems have an individual exchange rate; paying attention to this when sending large amounts is significant.
  • Commission percentage – It is important to note that sometimes commissions depend on the amount of funds sent and the sender’s location. But there are services with fixed commissions.
  • Comfort of using the service – an essential factor is the convenience and clarity of using the payment system.

Next, we will look at various payment systems, and you can choose the best way to send money to India.

Guide to financial transfers

To transfer money or rewards to a bank account, choose the most suitable financial system for sending funds to India. Let’s consider these options.

Automated shipping via Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a specialized program that takes into account time per second. It is the best app to transfer money to India. The user is allowed to set hourly rates and pay for the work of a group of specialists, even if their payment options differ. Whether PayPal, Wise, or other payment services, it is possible to automate the payment process and send funds only after your confirmation.

This system ensures sending finances quickly and safely. Plus, Hubstaff is a cheap money transfer to India. The user will also be able to take advantage of additional functionality that ensures high performance.


The best way to send money to India is to use Transfast, which offers the ultimate online transfer convenience. It is enough to enter the currency and indicate where the finances will be sent to begin the transfer process.

This payment system maintains relationships with many banks and cash points in its network. Therefore, almost every country provides the opportunity to use Transfast. It makes it much easier to receive money even without an Internet connection. It is the best rate to send money to India through a bank because the sending will be free. The service is one of the most reliable for more than 25 years. The funds will be transferred to the recipient within 3-5 business days. When using a bank card best for transfers, commissions are charged.


It is a reasonably cheap money transfer to India. Most payment processors offer international ratios (conversion), but Wise offers the actual exchange rate. Even though sending money will be cheap, there are some inconveniences when making a transfer:

  • sending funds may take several days;
  • you need to confirm your current account;
  • there is no status to track receipt.

Such apps to send money to India are for those who do not care about the timing of the transfer but are saving on commission matters.

Xoom is the best way to send money to India in minutes. PayPal supports this payment service. It is worth noting one crucial feature – using Xoom, the transfer of finances is carried out from the network to offline mode. Therefore, to receive funds it is enough to complete the transfer process. There is also no need for the recipient to have a bank account or be connected to the network.

Xoom has the best app to transfer money to India.
The commission size is fixed and does not depend on the funds sent. If you have any questions, the customer support service is available 24/7. Please note that you can transfer up to 2999 USD per day using this service. Due to rounding of rupees, commissions may be higher. Therefore, there are best money transfer rates to India than this one, but it is the fastest.

Individual checks

Let’s look at how to send money to India using personal checks. This option is reliable, but it requires an ample gap time. By the way, if an individual bill did not reach the recipient (for example, it was lost in the mail), then you can cancel it; compared with other sending options, this is correct.

The long time for cashing out is because a thorough bank check will be performed. Therefore, there are other best money transfer rates to India. But such a transfer of funds is safe. You must also pay additional exchange fees, especially if you transfer considerable savings. Please note that only some international banks accept foreign checks.

Telegraph transfer

Let’s look at how to transfer money to India using telegraphic transfer. It is the most traditional and oldest transfer option. Since this option is no longer so relevant, we will still list the steps necessary to carry out a telegraphic transfer:

  • you need to go directly to one of the bank branches;
  • provide all information about the recipient (in case of an error, sent funds cannot be returned);
  • pay commissions to the bank.

Please note that each bank sets its transfer terms, and finding out about this in advance is advisable. It is the best money transfer to India if reliability is important to you.

By email

Let’s look at how to send money to India using email. This option is simple, but you need to do the following:

  • fill out the form on the bank’s website;
  • indicate the recipient’s email address;
  • answer the security question.

For the recipient to be able to withdraw the money, he must also answer the secret question, and only then will the process of sending funds begin. This entire procedure can take up to five days, but no additional payment will be required. It is the best money transfer to India for the sender but only sometimes for the recipient. It is due to various fraudulent activities, so you must be careful when using email addresses.

STB Union

It is the best way to send money to India because there are high-security requirements, and the transfer takes place in a few minutes. The opportunity is provided for online transactions and offline payments to make transfers more comfortable.

Apps to send money to India, like STB Union, allow you to send funds anywhere in the world. The application is fully optimized and also has multifunctionality. Therefore, bank transfers will be easy for the sender.


The MoneyGram payment service provides the best rates for wire transfers to India. It is worth noting that sending money will take at most ten minutes. In addition, the system is designed in such a way that it prevents cyber hacking attempts. This service is stable because it has provided payment services for over 80 years.

Provided the money is credited to a bank account, no commission is charged or will be minimal. This system operates in more than 200 countries around the world. Please note that each country has different conditions for providing the necessary documents for the transfer.


Let’s figure out how to transfer money to India using the PayPal payment service. This service allows you to make transfers without using a credit card or bank account. Thanks to the advanced search, a reasonably accurate transfer is performed, and each user has a personal link and QR code. There is no commission to use this service, but you will have to pay for commercial purposes. PayPal also provides the best money transfer rates to India.

Thanks to encryption technology, PayPal makes money transfers safe and secure. The approximate transfer time is three days. To prevent the actions of attackers, the system can be used after the required data has been fully provided. Otherwise, the account will not be allowed into the system.

Western Union

This payment system is very safe and convenient. Western Union branches can be found in many countries. The daily minimum transfer is up to 50,000 USD to most Indian banks. If the payment is without commission, sending the transfer may take up to a week. Those needing more urgent payment delivery will have to pay a commission. Please pay attention to the commission percentage; sometimes, it may be unfavorable about the payment amount sent.

NRE NRI Account

They are designed for Non-Resident Indians who must remit their overseas income to India. Notably, funds can be credited in American dollars and received in Indian rupees. As long as the sender is an external non-resident, it is exempt from transfer fees. To use such a system, you must create an account and wait approximately seven days for the transfer to be processed.

Since the account is opened in Indian rupees and the exchange rate is subject to systematic fluctuations, this may not benefit the recipient.


We’ve looked at the best ways to send money to India, but each option has advantages and disadvantages. The main thing is to decide on your priorities, and choosing a payment system will be easy. Remember to find out about all the requirements of these services and banks to be aware of upcoming commissions and transfer sending deadlines.


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