The Essential disadvantages of online communication

From emails, instant messaging, social networks, today’s society has a greater variety of communication methods than ever before. While this has led to a dramatic increase in speed and the amount of interpersonal communication, it can also lead to more misinterpretation and other negative effects.

Security threats

Communication online means you will often share personal information. Anything you share on the web gets stored somewhere and this information could jeopardize you personally or financially if it gets in the wrong hands.

Computer hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in gleaning credit card or financial information by having their phone number, email address, and other personal information collected that you have set up for identity theft.

online communication

Likewise, do not know the people you access to your social media profiles could mean Know where you live or work before you want to share this information.

Moreover, all these things surely counts as the disadvantages of online communication.

Connection issues

Unlike after a personal conversation, online communication requires you to have internet access. If the internet, email, or access to social media is limited, it may mean that you receive delayed responses to your requests. In some cases, it may also mean that you are not receiving any important emails or instant messages.

While these instances can be rare, they are less uncomfortable. As well-known email provider Gmail went for less than two hours, Google experts considered that a “big deal” and took steps to prevent it in the future in this scale.


In personal communication, several elements come into play to promote good communication, including non-verbal signals and tone in the voice. If someone says something gruff tone, you will generally understand that he is angry. Similarly, crossed arms or a pinched face may indicate that someone is not comfortable.

social skills

In online communication, you will not have that luxury which is the cons of online communication. Instead, people sometimes share punctuation or even emoticons like the smiley face, moods or feelings. This is a developing aspect of online communication and some people are more attuned than others. Input in capital letters, z. B. So, screaming to a person while another person will not be considered rude or even overbearing.

Interpersonal skills

Scientific evidence is mounting that the advent of smartphones and social networking has had a negative impact on social skills. People tend to socialize these days but have less close friends. Another study, found that about one-third of adults prefer appointments via SMS instead of appealing.

In short, disadvantages of communication technology can make it more difficult for people who are individuals that are more traditional or face-to-face.