Best countries in Europe to settle for Indians

Europe is the epicenter for many segments of India’s population: the working class for better-paying jobs students for better education opportunities. The main thing is deciding which European country is best for Indian, considering various criteria.

Reasons for moving from India to Europe

Every Indian has reasons for moving: education, better employment, and lifestyle. Europe offers many opportunities, encouraging Indians to move to one of the European countries.
The main reasons to find the best place to live in Europe for Indian:

  • improve your financial situation through job opportunities with higher earnings;
  • benefits for the family – the opportunity to give children a better education, followed by career growth, and in the future, there will be a transfer of money from children to support parents in India financially;
  • gain independence related to the prospects of study or work, and make new friends from whom you will learn something.

The best Europe country for Indian will be the one that will improve the financial well-being and overall standard of living of the Indian and his family.

What to consider when choosing a place?

There are many European countries, and choosing can often be tricky. To understand which are the best European countries for Indian, the following aspects should be taken into account:

  • what opportunities may open up: citizenship conditions, benefits, free healthcare, education, and employment conditions, requirements for online financial transfers to India, and much more;
  • cost of living, which depends not only on the country but also on the city to which the move will take place;
  • the degree of employment of the population and the level of wages;
  • education standards.

There are other secondary factors, such as the conditions for international money transfers. Therefore, to find out which is the best European country for Indian, an integrated approach to choice is required.

Guide to the best countries

Later in the article, we will look at the best European country to migrate for Indian to move to.


It is the best European country to live for Indian, given its high economic level and developed infrastructure. Thanks to Germany’s stable economy, you can advance your career and significantly improve your standard of living. German cities offer high medical care, paid vacations, and various higher education institutions where students can receive an excellent education. Many universities provide free degrees, so expat students believe Germany is the best European country to migrate to India.

Germany is the best European country to work for Indian due to its low unemployment rate, so a visiting Indian will not have problems finding a job. Germany maintains an ideal balance between work and personal life. Sunday is a day off for everyone. Given the developed banking system, it is possible to transfer money to an Indian bank. Here, you can make the best online transfer of funds anywhere in the world. In this state, doors are open for investing in business, and there are visas for job seekers; the card best for Indians is EU blue cards, housing is provided for employees, and much more.

Many believe this is the best country to live and work for Indian in since they can issue a permanent residence permit if an Indian has lived or worked in this state for five years.


With a high quality of life and a stable economy, the Netherlands is the best country in Europe to live and work for Indian. The Netherlands ranks fifth in the world on the Happiness Index, based on security, social privileges, and a highly developed economy. If necessary, sending money to India will be fine.

For future entrepreneurs, there are enormous prospects for development, which means there is an opportunity to accumulate the savings necessary to develop a business or help relatives in India. The Netherlands has many employment opportunities for specialists in various fields. The Netherlands is the best European country to live for Indian because the state is focused on the healthiest standard of living, environmental protection, and environmental policy. Therefore, it is a favorable country for migrating Indians.


Denmark is the best European country to live for Indian, ranking second in the global happiness index. This state is one of the safest and happiest areas in the world. This country maintains a high standard of living and minimizes income inequality. Thanks to the developed banking sector, all wire transfers will be carried out considering high reliability and security.

Having decided to move to Denmark, it is advisable to know English well because all country residents speak it perfectly. To be able to work full-time, you must obtain a residence permit in parallel with a work permit in a given country. Even though Denmark is an expensive country to live in, given that the average salary level is relatively high, Denmark is the best country to live and work for Indian.


Sweden is the best country to live and work for Indian in and is one of the most popular countries for expats because it is among the top ten best countries in the world. It is one of the most developed countries in the European Union, with a high level of economy and excellent living conditions. The country also provides support to start-up businesses. The banking system has a high level of development, so if you need to send money to India or exchange currency, everything will be done at a high level.

Because Sweden has an ideal work-life balance, a thriving corporate culture, and a friendly and hospitable population, the country is the best European country to migrate from India.

Employment will be acceptable because the state’s labor market is constantly developing. In addition, employees are provided with various social packages, including at least 25 days of vacation per year. In Sweden, the working week is strictly observed – 40 hours, and any overtime is paid additionally. The state also has a well-thought-out social protection of the population.

Great Britain

The UK is the best place to live in Europe for Indian. This state has always been a strong competitor for the United States of America in many aspects:

  • developed economy;
  • a modern banking structure that allows you to open an account for a business quickly;
  • availability of robust infrastructure;
  • intensive business development, including instant bank transfer;
  • profitable employment opportunities;
  • excellent social and medical benefits.

Great Britain is the best European country for Indian because, knowing English, Indians will not need to overcome the language barrier. This state provides ample educational opportunities and career growth for students, given the presence of educational institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge.

The UK boasts one of the highest standards of living in Europe. Working in this country, you are provided 48 paid holidays per year, a high salary, and various social packages. Considering all these points, the UK is the best country in Europe to live and work for Indian.


This country is quite an attractive state for the Indian working class. Portugal is the best Europe country for Indian because it maintains a high standard of living and provides excellent education for schoolchildren and students. The local population is friendly towards emigrants, providing comfortable integration with all spheres of life. The state has a low crime rate.

It is the best country to live and work for Indian because the cost of living in this country is relatively low compared to other European countries. An advantage for non-residents is the exemption from taxes on foreign income. Moreover, the government provides not 12 yearly salaries but 14 – two additional bonuses (Christmas period and summer). Portuguese workers who make social contributions are entitled to public insurance covering medical services, education, and financial assistance for unemployment.

Sending money to India

Almost all Indians working in EU countries provide financial assistance to relatives. International money transfer provides a secure transfer, so sending money is carried out with high security. Every year, the transfer of funds from EU countries to India increases by about 3.7%. It means that every year, the cash earned and rewards by Indian emigrants in European countries advances the standard of living of their relatives. Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy are the best European countries. For the transfer of finance to occur, the following steps must be completed:

  • select a payment system;
  • сreate an account;
  • to make a transfer, activate your current account (enter a password and provide the necessary data);
  • deposit currency and make a transfer to India.

When choosing a translation service, the main thing is to pay attention to the conditions (commission, exchange rate, and delivery time for funds).

So, which European country is best for Indian? There are several such countries, and each Indian emigrant will choose from the above countries the one that best suits their preferences: cost of living, educational opportunities, employment, benefits, and much more.