Jobs for Indians in Europe

Since the countries of the European Union can provide excellent prospects for professional activities to Indian emigrants, this is why Europe is so attractive to job seekers. When choosing a country for moving and employment, it is necessary to consider many factors in favor of a particular country. Next, we will look in detail at our guide on how to get jobs in Europe for Indian and what each European country offers to job seekers.

Why should Indians move to Europe, and what should they consider?

Each Indian emigrant has their own goals related to moving to a European country, but the main reason is finding a job. When you find Europe jobs for Indians, you can provide excellent prospects to improve their well-being through career growth. In addition, having a well-paid job offers the opportunity to provide financial support for your family in India. Because European countries are highly developed and have high-tech infrastructure, transferring money to India will be easy. There are also jobs in Europe for Indian freshers who can study and earn simultaneously.
To ensure that the choice of country for an Indian is optimal, it is recommended to take into account the following points:

  • living opportunities: conditions for relocation and citizenship, social benefits, healthcare, education, employment, housing conditions, etc.;
  • unemployment rate – the lower it is, the greater the likelihood of finding a job, which means there will be a job in Europe for Indian;
  • cost of living – European countries differ in cost of living, so when choosing a country, you should pay attention to this and compare possible earnings with current expenses.

It is also worth paying attention to international money transfer (transfer cash), the commission of which and the exchange rate may vary. Next, we will look at how to find a job in Europe.

What is needed to get a job in Europe?

When you find jobs in Europe for Indian, it provides excellent employment opportunities with career growth. After all, the standard of living in European countries is much higher than in India, so many students and specialists decide to move in the hope of successfully finding a job. And to find a job in Europe, an Indian must meet specific criteria.

Many Europe job vacancies for Indian are stable compared to other international works. Citizens of the European Union are allowed to work in all European countries without a visa. However, for expats from India, a work visa and relevant documents are required for legal employment or education in one of the European countries.

To travel to Europe and find jobs in European countries, you initially need to apply for a visa and visit the European Embassy in India for appropriate instructions.

We list the aspects that Indians must consider to find work in Europe.

Be prepared for future opportunities

How to get job in Europe for Indian? Suppose an Indian has decided to work in Europe. In that case, it is imperative to be open and ready for all opportunities, regardless of the qualifications in a particular profession. It would be best if you find job options that best meet the applicant’s requirements: working conditions and salary level.

Submitting job applications

To find jobs in European countries, you must submit an application and resume through online employment platforms. First, you should familiarize yourself with the various site vacancies and choose the most acceptable ones. Thanks to the advanced search, an Indian can sort vacancies that match his qualifications and desired salary level. It is better to give preference to European employment sites.

Need to know more about European countries

How to get job in Europe for Indian? Since working in Europe can open up many prospects for Indians, it is recommended to collect complete information about the preferred country: which vacancies are most in demand, working conditions, cost of living, and much more before deciding on a state. The more complete information a future emigrant collects, the more transparent the choice.

Applying for a work visa

Working here is only possible with a free visa jobs in Europe. Therefore, you must apply for an initial interview with one of the European companies. It is necessary to use for and receive a work visa before the emigrant arrives in the Schengen area for work.

There is no Schengen work visa. Therefore, jobs in Europe for Indians are possible if they obtain a national employment visa, which can be issued by any country in the Schengen area.

We list the most important steps when applying for a work visa and how to get a job in Europe:

  • completed application form – transfer in two signed copies;
  • two photographs taken within the last three months;
  • valid ID;
  • medical insurance;
  • a document confirming the address of residence in one of the Schengen countries (housing rental agreement);
  • employment contract.

There is no single cost for a European work visa – each country has its price. Therefore, you will not be able to use the option of a free visa (work in Europe). Depending on the country, the cost of a work visa can vary from 100 to 700 euros.

Each EU state may have its requirements, so pay attention to the list of requirements of a particular country so that sending documents is complete.

Europe: vacancies for Indians

Europe job vacancies for Indian opens up many attractive opportunities that can significantly improve their standard of living due to high wages. Let’s consider what the most popular positions can be offered to Indians if they have a European work visa. And as we have seen, this is not a free visa (work in Europe).

Having the appropriate qualifications and sufficient experience in a particular field, you can find Europe jobs for Indian in any position they choose. Of course, there will be an advantage for highly qualified workers, given that professionalism and quality of work are highly valued in European countries.

But there are the most popular professions, such as engineers (programmers, mechanics), designers, lawyers, doctors and nurses, chemists and biologists, scientists, architects, real estate agents, and psychologists. There will also be jobs in Europe for Indian freshers – of course, it will be a less-paid job, given the lack of experience. Next, we will consider several European countries for employment.

Examples of European countries for successful employment

When you find Europe jobs for Indian you can open up many prospects related to advanced training and a highly-paid position. There are many such countries, but we will give just a few examples.


This European state is one of the leading ones, having a developed economy and infrastructure. This country is a very conducive place for engineers in various fields. Working in Germany, you can gain quality experience and advance your career. In terms of cost of living, it cannot be called cheap, but it is also the most expensive.

Jobs in Europe for Indian in Germany has the following benefits:

  • one of the best European countries with an ideal balance of work and living standards;
  • employees work no more than 27 hours a week;
  • medical care at a very high level;
  • generous paid holidays;
  • working in Germany, an Indian will gain high-level experience.

When choosing this country for employment, you must consider the high competition in Germany. The average salary for expats is approximately 4,000 euros. At the same time, it is straightforward to make wire transfers to your home country.


This state ranks second in the world in terms of the happiness index. Denmark is one of the most favorable countries for living and working. It is enough to know English because it is the second compulsory language for the Danes. This country is one of the most productive European countries.

Different types of free visa jobs in Europe are available for expats, and one of the most popular is the trainee visa (for the younger generation). It allows you to gain professional skills and strengthen your resume. Jobs in Europe for Indian freshers in a country like Denmark provide an opportunity to find a permanent job. In parallel with the work visa, confirmation of a residence permit is required. The average salary of expats is about 6,000 euros.

Great Britain

It is one of the most attractive European countries for employment and residence. The state provides many different social and medical benefits. Knowing English, there will be no language barrier. This country offers excellent education opportunities and the opportunity to find a job in Europe for Indian.

Benefits of working in the UK:

  • high quality of life;
  • developed banking system (sending and exchanging currency through a bank);
  • no language barrier when knowing English;
  • 48 paid holidays, less than 40 working hours per week;
  • high level of education and transfer of practical experience.

The state offers various visas:

  • skilled worker visa
  • specialist free visa jobs in Europe;
  • medical worker visa;
  • the average salary is 3,300 euros.

We looked at how to get a job in Europe from India and what you need for this. But the main thing is that European countries are an excellent prospect for education and career growth for Indians. Thanks to the high economic development of European countries, you can significantly increase your well-being and have a fantastic opportunity not only to make savings thanks to high salaries but also to make financial transfers in the form of assistance to your family and friends in India. After all, transferring financial resources from European countries will be easy.

Modern banking systems provide the best online transfer to ensure timely money or rewards delivery to the recipient’s bank account or card best. European international money transfers are some of the most reliable in the world, so sending money will be as safe and secure as possible. Having a current bank current account allows you to perform various financial transactions. The prospect is Europe: vacancies for Indians, especially those with appropriate qualifications.