HSBC UK SWIFT/BIC Codes: Your Guide to Seamless International Banking

HSBC Bank is one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world, serving millions of customers across different countries. As an international bank, HSBC facilitates global transactions through its HSBC SWIFT code.

SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. It provides a standardized format for identifying banks and financial institutions globally when conducting cross-border transfers or communication between banks.

The HSBC SWIFT code consists of either 8 or 11 characters that provide specific information about the bank and branch involved in a transaction. Let’s take a closer look at how HSBC UK’s SWIFT/BIC codes are formatted:

  1. First four letters: the initial four characters represent the institution code – ‘HSBC’ in this case – which identifies that it is an HSBC branch.
  2. Next two characters: these two letters specify the country HSBC SWIFT code where the particular branch is located; hence, ‘UK’ denotes the United Kingdom.
  3. Next two alphanumeric characters: this part represents the location code within that country – indicating either city-specific branches or regional offices within larger cities like London (‘GB’) as an example.
  4. Option A: three additional alphanumeric digits: at times, you may come across three extra digits following all previously mentioned ones; these identify specific branches more precisely by providing unique identification numbers to each individual office.
  5. Option B: No additional digits after location code/branch identifier.

To illustrate with examples:

For general use involving any HSBC UK account:

  • SWIFT Code Format: HBUKGB.
  • Full SWIFT Code Example: HBUKGB4105X.

For transactions related to their London City Office:

  • SWIFT Code Format: HBUKGBK.
  • Full SWIFT Code Example: HBUKGBK3CV6.

It’s important to note that since SWIFT/BIC codes can vary from branch to branch, it is essential to use the correct SWIFT/BIC code for your specific HSBC branch when initiating or receiving international transfers.

To find the appropriate SWIFT/BIC codes for other HSBC branches within the UK or around the world, you can visit their official website or contact customer service. Additionally, many online platforms provide SWIFT/BIC code HSBC lookup services where you can search by bank name and location.

Understanding and correctly utilizing these unique identification codes not only ensures smooth cross-border transactions but also helps in avoiding delays caused by incorrect information during wire transfers.

HSBC UK provides a variety of SWIFT/BIC codes for different purposes and services. Here are some examples:

  1. Online banking: HSBC UK’s online banking service allows customers to manage their finances conveniently. The SWIFT/BIC code for online transfers is HBUKGB4BONL.
  2. International money transfers: when sending money internationally, you will need the recipient bank’s HSBC UK BIC code along with other details. For example, if you want to send money from HSBC UK to an account in France, the BIC/SWIFT code for Crédit Agricole (France) would be AGRIFRPPXXX.
  3. Wire transfers: if you’re wiring funds domestically within the United Kingdom or abroad, each bank has its own unique SWIFT/BIC code. For instance, when making a wire transfer from your HSBC UK account to Barclays Bank PLC in London, the HSBC UK BIC code would be BARCGB22XXX.
  4. Current account services: to receive payments or make transactions on your current account at HSBC UK using international networks such as SWIFT MT103 messaging system or SEPA credit transfers within Europe, use HBUKGB41 as the default HSBC SWIFT number.

It’s important to note that these examples may not cover all scenarios since every financial institution and transaction type requires specific codes. Always ensure accuracy by contacting your bank directly or referring to official documentation provided by them before initiating any financial activity involving SWIFT codes.

When Do You Need HSBC Bank SWIFT Code?

HSBC UK BIC code acts as an identifier for each branch within the HSBC network and ensures smooth and secure communication between financial institutions during cross-border transfers.

Here are some scenarios where you may need to use HSBC SWIFT number:

  1. International money transfers: when sending money overseas through your local bank account or online transfer service provider, they will require you to provide both your recipient’s account details and the corresponding HSBC UK SWIFT Code (also called BIC – Business Identifier Codes). The SWIFT/BIC helps identify which specific branch of HSBC should receive the funds based on their location.
  2. Receiving funds from abroad: if someone wants to send money directly into your HSBC UK account from another country, they will need your complete banking information along with the relevant SWIFT number assigned specifically to your branch by HSBC headquarters. Providing this information accurately ensures that funds reach your account without any delays or errors.
  3. Making payments internationally: in certain situations like paying international bills or fees related to education abroad, businesses might require customers/students/parents/sponsors, etc., who hold an active account at any British-based office of Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, including all branches located throughout United Kingdom mainland excluding the Channel Islands & Isle Man regions – i.e., those serviced solely via separate entities operating under Jersey/Guernsey regulations. HSBC SWIFT code is essential to proceed with such payments efficiently using wire transfers/telegraphic remittance options.

Finding the SWIFT Code for your HSBC UK Branch:

So, how to find SWIFT code HSBC? To find the accurate HSBC UK SWIFT code for your specific branch of HSBC Bank in the United Kingdom, you can use various methods:

  1. Official website: the easiest way to locate your branch’s SWIFT or HSBC BIC code is through the official website of HSBC Bank. They usually have a dedicated page where you can search by country and city or directly choose from their list of branches to obtain relevant details, including SWIFT codes.
  2. Online SWIFT code directories: several online platforms provide comprehensive databases that allow users to search for specific bank-related information, such as SWIFT codes, quickly. Websites like,, and others offer reliable services aiding individuals with finding correct banking codes worldwide.
  3. Contacting customer support: if you are unable to find it yourself or prefer personalized assistance when searching for an accurate SWIFT/BIC number associated with any particular office within a British-based network belonging under Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited umbrella, then contact the customer service helpline could be beneficial – they typically possess complete knowledge regarding necessary financial data required by clients/customers facing concerns related specifically towards international transactions involving transfers made via wire/telegraphic remittance mode, etc., thus enabling smooth communication between banks involved during transfer process.

In conclusion, having access to correct banking identification codes like a SWIFT/BIC number is crucial while dealing with international fund transfers involving institutions operating across borders- especially if using services provided by renowned global entities such as HSBC Bank.

Providing these numbers accurately at all times ensures seamless cross-border payments without delays or complications in processing funds internationally. So, now you know how to find SWIFT code HSBC. It is not that difficult, right?

How to verify HSBC Bank SWIFT codes?

To verify a bank SWIFT code HSBC before initiating an international transfer online, follow these steps:

Step 1: Gather all necessary information

Before proceeding with any verification process or transaction, make sure you have all the required details at hand. This includes your own bank account number and the recipient’s information, like their name, address, and account number.

Step 2: Visit the official HSBC website

Open your preferred web browser and navigate to – which is the official website of HSBC Bank. Ensure that you’re accessing a legitimate site by double-checking its URL (uniform resource locator) for any discrepancies or misspellings.

Step 3: Find the “International Transfers” section

Once on the homepage of HSBC’s website, look for options related to international transfers or payments within their menu structure. It may be listed under headings like “Services,” “Payments,” or similar terms depending on how they organize their site navigation.

Step 4: Locate SWIFT/BIC code HSBC lookup tool

Within the International Transfers section of HSBC’s website should be a search function specifically designed to check SWIFT/BIC Codes accurately. Look out for keywords such as “SWIFT Code Lookup Tool” or something similar that indicates this functionality exists on their platform.

Step 5: Enter relevant details into the lookup tool

Click on this SWIFT Code Lookup Tool feature provided by HSBC Bank. Fill in the necessary information, such as the recipient’s bank name and country of residence. Additionally, provide any other required details like branch location if applicable.

Step 6: Verify SWIFT/BIC Code

Once you’ve entered all relevant information into HSBC’s lookup tool, click on “Verify” or a similar button to initiate the bank SWIFT code HSBC verification process. The system will then cross-reference your input with their database to confirm whether the provided SWIFT/HSBC BIC code is valid for that specific recipient and destination country.

Step 7: Review results

After verifying the SWIFT code, carefully review the outcome presented by HSBC Bank’s website. It should indicate whether they have a matching record in their system or not. If there are any discrepancies or concerns regarding authenticity, contact HSBC Bank directly through their customer service channels for further assistance.

Remember that using online banking services provides convenience but also requires caution when handling financial transactions involving international transfers. By following these steps and utilizing tools available on reputable platforms like HSBC Bank’s official website, you can ensure a smooth money transfer experience while minimizing potential risks associated with incorrect SWIFT codes.

Furthermore, it is always recommended to double-check all details before initiating an international money transfer – ensuring accuracy helps avoid delays and costly mistakes during this important financial exchange process.