3 Best Online Banks in Germany in 2023

More and more people switch to financial institutions with a wide range of online banking options. Consumers from Germany are also searching for digital-friendly fin-corp organizations for various operations including international remittances, savings, etc. It is worth noting that the German financial system is on the rise regarding development and progress. That is why many users worldwide are looking forward to finding a trusted vendor of banking services on the Internet with headquarters in Germany.

Most renowned traditional German banks implement digital options to improve customer experience. Additionally, there are separate-standing e-platforms to choose from. But before picking sides with the best digital bank in Germany for your purposes, take a closer look at the peculiarities of the banking system in this country.

German Banking Sector: Peculiarities & Changes for 2023

The new era of the banking sector in Germany began in the 2000s. Most users complained about lack of the return on equity. And local financial institutions decided to revise this issue to improve the customer experience while delivering trusted coverage for the cost of capital and investments. Other cost-cutting initiatives also took place in 2008-2010 in the context of cash-outs and wire transfers.

Among the peculiarities the German banking sector obtains now are the following:

  • Dropped down interest margins;
  • Intensification of the competition;
  • The fast development of online banking in Germany;
  • Introduction of e-platforms as alternative (analog) sources of income;
  • Increase the commercial lending operations for business;
  • Structural changes in the stock markets;
  • More rewards for the current account holders to retain regular customers;
  • Improved terms and conditions for sending money internationally;
  • Crypto-friendly exchange options and flexible fees for withdrawals in cryptocurrencies;
  • Merged small-size cooperative banks to handle more customer-centric fin-corp options, etc.

These are the most common trends and variations to consider. Nevertheless, some aspects are still unchanged in German financial establishments. For example, even the most reputable, so-called best banks in Germany have almost 100% interest-related revenues. It means that they are not interested in alternative ways to please consumers and get profit from their audience.

Long-term bank loans have almost the same terms and conditions for users as in 2015-2017. Some new favorable policies are implemented by rather young fin-corp firms and e-banking vendors with 4-5 years in the local markets.

To sum up, big public and private German banks are not open for improvements and enhancements. They retain customers with the help of their long history and worldwide recognition as a long-running banking service vendor. Most changes and trends are delivered to the financial sector of Germany by new fin-corp projects and e-platforms with customer-centric approaches and digital-friendly wealth management options.

How to Find the Best-Matching One Among All the Accessible German Banks?

It depends on the individual needs the customer obtains. Nevertheless, there are the most common tips to find the best online bank in Germany to stay pleased with your experience, wealth management background, and cost-saving opportunities from a reliable fin-corp service vendor. Take into consideration the recommendations to pick sides with the most optimal variant:

  1. Pay attention to the FDIC insurance plans provided. This is about the protection level of your funds. Open an account in the German banks that provide this option to users. Check the FDIC insurance availability online on the official website of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
  2. Select the financial service provider with the most competitive rates. Compared to traditional institutions with low-level yield backgrounds, the best online banks in Germany can provide more favorable terms and conditions for your savings. Select ones with high APY to save more funds.
  3. Choose online banks in Germany with low fees to hold the account hassle-free and affordable for your budget. Some e-platforms offer zero monthly charges for maintenance and minimum or absent overdraft fees. These are favorable conditions to cut down fixed expenditures related to online banking options you need.
  4. Do not miss the best bank in Germany in the context of the most favorable ATM network. But do not be limited only to German-based specifications. If you travel a lot or on business trips every month, track not only local ATM networks but overseas too. Additionally, explore all the partnering branches where you can cash out funds with zero or minimum fees abroad.
  5. A customer-centric approach to each user matters as well. The best-matching vendor of online banking in Germany will not limit consumers in available plans, options, rewards, and other special offers.
  6. Check all the accessible wealth management tools to find the most optimal for you. Some users are searching for the best online banks in Germany according to the supplementary options like the usability of the app with money management tools, the flexibility of the personal account settings, and many more.

The last recommendation for consumers is to check possible drawbacks even some top-rated service providers of online banking in Germany can obtain. Do not select e-platforms with poor customer service, limited banking options, challenging cash-outs (including high fees and modest ATM networks), problematic money transfer experiences, etc.

3 Best Online Banks in Germany to Consider in 2023

Take into consideration all the above-listed tips to select the perfect match for your excellent wealth management including handling hassle-free international money transfers and other operations. Your most optimal online bank in Germany is waiting for you in this guide. Just discover all the features described for each top e-platform and decide on the one you are going to entrust your funds, remitting experience, etc.

1 – N26

This is one of the most reputable online banks in Germany. The interface is available in English. It means that global outreach is significant for this e-platform. The app provides users with free checking account options for standard plans. The monthly fee for this package is absent there. The maintenance of the virtual card is free of charge too. Among the significant positive features of the N26 online bank in Germany are:

  • 3 free ATM withdrawals for account holders;
  • NFC-friendly cash-outs throughout Germany;
  • Zero fees for currency exchanges and card payments;
  • Free transactions via Wise and some other partnering fin-corp organizations;
  • Available Apple & Google Pay transactions;
  • Accessible 2 sub-accounts to open free of charge;
  • Rich in wealth management options available in the app.

Note that N26 can be used by people of more than 144 nationalities. Great real-time money flow control services are included. Speaking about the weak spots this best online bank in Germany has, N26 has no local branch offices or credit cards. Consider these aspects if they matter for your choice.

2 – TomorrowBank

One more modern e-platform that is considered by thousands of users as the top-rated online bank in Germany is TomorrowBank. Many investors select this fin-corp organization for contributions and to speed up the development of this banking project. It is headquartered in Hamburg. The banking establishment was founded 6 years ago and performs well in the global arena.

Consumers prefer this best bank in Germany for its user-friendliness and the following positive features:

  • English interface and free-of-charge virtual debit and credit cards;
  • Absent SCHUFA credit check and 24/7 account control via the app;
  • Free exchange fees and checking account options.

Note that cash-out operations will require a fixed charge of 2 euros for each withdrawal. Be ready to pay 3 euros as the monthly charge for all the conveniences this online banking service provider offers.

3 – VividMoney

One of the best online banks in Germany is VividMoney. This e-platform has been performing in the German financial market for more than 4 years. It is headquartered in Berlin. But VividMoney is far from a local banking service vendor. This e-platform has global coverage with perfect plans for citizens from more than 46 countries.

Together with the above-listed best banks in Germany, this app has an English interface, free checking account options, and free-of-charge virtual debit & credit cards. The notable feature of this application is its crypto-friendliness with numerous possible exchange patterns with fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Users like VividMoney for fast Apple & Google Pay transactions, great online wealth management services, commission-free operations in stocks & ETFs, and improved security measures with photo verification, and video identification properties. It is possible to get up to 20 euros as monthly cashback. Note that the main drawback this best digital bank in Germany obtains is the limit of 200 euros for free ATM cash-outs. Then, users need to pay a 3% fixed fee for each withdrawn amount.


There are many online banks in Germany to consider. Nevertheless, three top-rated ones are observed in the article as banking institutions presented in the form of convenient e-platforms with the most favorable terms for consumers. Select the best-matching fin-corp organization and download its application to manage your funds, remit money, and undertake other operations on the Internet via your pocket screens.