Easiest US Bank Accounts to Open Online in 2023

Do you wish to open a new bank account online in 2023? You’re in luck! There are many institutions that make the process quick and easy. But what is the best bank to open an account? What do you need to open a bank account online? Let’s first take a look at the benefits of such a practice.


Indeed, online banking has become popular for managing finances in today’s fast-paced digital world. Its convenience and flexibility make it an excellent option for individuals seeking to simplify their financial lives.

Here are some key benefits you’ll get if you decide to open a bank account online:

  1. Ease and accessibility: with online banking, you can access your online banking account anytime, anywhere, using just a computer or mobile device with internet connectivity. This allows you to check balances, review transactions, pay bills, and more without the need to visit a physical bank branch.
  2. Convenient money management: online checking accounts provide real-time updates on your balance as well as detailed transaction histories that help monitor spending habits effectively.
  3. Efficient international transfers: sending money abroad through traditional banks often involve lengthy processes and high fees; however, many best online banks offer competitive rates for international transfers by leveraging technology such as wire transfers or foreign exchange services.
  4. Increased security measures: banks continually enhance security measures in their online platforms to protect customer data from unauthorized access or fraudulent activities compared to traditional methods like mailing paper statements where sensitive information could be compromised easily.
  5. Reap the rewards & benefits: many online banks offer rewards programs where customers can earn cashback on purchases made with linked debit cards or credit card rewards points that can be redeemed towards travel expenses or other products/services offered by partner companies.
  6. Savings made simple: opening an account at one of the best online savings institutions provides easy-to-use tools allowing users to track progress toward specific goals while earning interest on deposits – all done from the comfort of home!
  7. Retirement planning assistance: some leading digital banks have integrated retirement planning features into their platforms, allowing customers to plan long-term financial goals better through personalized guidance based on individual circumstances, including age groupings, projected returns considering various investment options available, etc., making this task less overwhelming than ever before!
  8. Online resources & guides: most reputable virtual institutions also provide comprehensive online resources and guides to help customers make informed decisions about budgeting, saving, investing, retirement planning, tax strategies, etc. These materials can be accessed anytime, providing valuable information whenever required.

Opening an account: sequence of actions

Are you tired of the long queues at traditional banks? Do you dream about a hassle-free way to control your money online? You are just in the right place! Opening an online bank account is now easier than ever: good online banks are here to help with it. So, what do you need to open a bank account online?

With just a few clicks, you can access all the benefits while enjoying the comfortable atmosphere of your home. No need to deal with paper forms or visit multiple branches. Online banking allows you to exchange currency, send international transfers, and even earn rewards on your transactions.

The process is simple: just follow these easy steps:

  1. Research: before making a bank account online, take some time to compare different options based on fees, interest rates for savings accounts/credit cards/best current accounts/rewards programs.
  2. Choose: select the bank offering features aligned with what matters most to you – low fees or high-interest rates.
  3. Sign up: fill out an application form with personal details such as name, address, etc., then submit the necessary identification documents required by each institution (passport/driving license/utility bill).
  4. Set up: once approved by their verification team (which usually takes 24-48 hours), set up login credentials/passwords & verify mobile number/email addresses provided during registration – this will ensure secure access anytime anywhere!
  5. Deposit funds: get started by transferring funds from another financial institution into a new virtual wallet; alternatively, add cash through digital wallets like PayPal/Venmo before linking them together via the bank’s app/site interface
  6. Explore services: now, enjoy a seamless experience using various services offered, including bill payments, mobile deposits, budgeting tools, recurring payments, etc. It is the most interesting part of making a bank account online.
  7. Manage: keep track of your transactions, monitor balances, and set up automatic transfers or bill payments to simplify your financial life.

So why wait? Open an online bank account today! Say goodbye to long queues and hello to a world of digital banking at its finest!

Top institutions

Let’s take a look at some of the easiest US online bank accounts to open online:

  1. Varo: the solution offers an online banking experience designed for simplicity and convenience. With no monthly fees, early access to direct deposits, and budgeting tools built into their app, Varo is an excellent option for those looking for hassle-free banking. It is really easy to open a bank account online with its help.
  2. Chime: it is another popular choice among individuals seeking seamless digital banking experiences. They offer fee-free checking accounts with features such as early paycheck deposit options and automatic savings programs.
  3. Albert: this one takes a unique approach by combining financial management tools with traditional banking services under one platform. In addition to opening an FDIC-insured bank account easily, users can track expenses, set budgets, and save money automatically through algorithms tailored to individual goals.
  4. Discover Bank: it is another easiest bank account to open online. Discover is primarily recognized as a credit card issuer, but it also excels in providing exceptional online banking services.
  5. UFB Direct (United Fidelity Bank): this is another option for those eager to open a bank account online. It specializes in high-yield savings accounts offered exclusively through its website or mobile app interface – providing customers with competitive interest rates without needing a physical branch presence.
  6. Marcus by Goldman Sachs: this one is called by many the best bank to open an account. It focuses on providing straightforward products like personal loans and high-yield savings accounts directly from your phone or computer – making it simple for new clients who want minimal fuss when setting up their finances
  7. Chase Bank: this banking institution allows you not only to conveniently manage all aspects of your financial life but also makes it easy if you need multiple types of bank accounts – including checking & saving together along other finance lines such as investment brokerage, etc.
  8. Ally Bank: with zero maintenance costs on most products/accounts they offer combined with industry-leading interest rates, Ally is a top choice for customers looking to create a bank account online without unnecessary fees.
  9. Juno Bank: known for its seamless digital experience, Juno offers an easy and quick application process that can be completed within minutes. With their user-friendly interface and competitive interest rates on savings accounts, Juno is an excellent choice for those looking for simplicity and efficiency.
  10. Current: if you’re seeking flexibility with budgeting tools at your fingertips, Current has got you covered, and you can safely open a new bank account online. Their straightforward sign-up process allows you to access various features such as instant notifications on spending habits along with early paychecks through direct deposit – perfect for staying ahead financially!
  11. United Bank: looking for personalized service and willing to create a bank account online? United Bank combines convenience with exceptional customer support throughout the registration process – ensuring knowledgeable professionals answer all your questions promptly.
  12. Synchrony Bank: as one of the top-ranking banks nationwide, Synchrony simplifies banking by offering high-yield savings options that maximize growth potential alongside zero monthly fees or minimum balance requirements – ideal if you’re aiming to save more efficiently.
  13. Wells Fargo: a name recognized across America, Wells Fargo provides a comprehensive suite of products accessible through their streamlined online platform – a convenient option, whether personal checking or securely setting up retirement funds. It is a decent option for all willing to create a bank account online.
  14. Axos Bank: With Axos’ fully digital setup procedure combined with attractive interest rates & low fees across multiple account types, including business banking solutions, make them stand out among other institutions
  15. Wise (formerly TransferWise): Specializing in borderless international transactions, Wise simplifies sending money abroad effortlessly via their intuitive app-based platform making global transfers easier than ever before. It is the easiest bank account to open online.

Remember, these good online banks offer distinct features tailored to different financial objectives. Consider your specific needs when choosing the bank that aligns best with your goals and preferences. Whatever you choose, making a bank account online has never been easier!

As you already know, when opening any of these online bank accounts online in 2023, you will generally be required to gather and present a set of essential documents and information. Remember that each bank may have specific requirements beyond these basics, but the process should be straightforward overall. By choosing one of these recommended banks for their user-friendly interfaces and hassle-free applications, you’ll find it easy to create an online banking account tailored to your needs.