5 Best Travel Money Cards in 2023

Traveling excites millions of people around the world. But true positive emotions from sightseeing and visiting new places are possible only in case of comfortable conditions and trippers’ enough funds. Your voyage can be ruined by a lack of cash and other money-related challenges.

To get ready for your vacations in popular resorts, business trips, bus tours, or other kinds of rest abroad, you should take a closer look at the travel cards. This way you will have access to your account 24/7 and get the required cash or undertake necessary transactions with minimum or even zero fees. Additionally, almost each travel debit card has generous cash-back options to save money and spend it for more entertainment, meals, and shopping.

What Is a Travel Card?

It is a special-purpose card many reputable banking establishments offer for active travelers. The commissions and fees are focused on the use of your bank account in other countries for various payments (purchase of souvenirs, payments for entertainment, extra spa services, wire transfers, visiting restaurants, and many more).

People prefer a travel money card for a plethora of perks available. For example, 1-5% cashback for transactions in shopping malls, hotels, cafes, and other public places can become an awesome way to get a portion of your money spent back. Most top-ranking banks with global outreach have special-purpose financial packages for travelers easily accessible via the international travel card. These institutions obtain offices and ATMs worldwide to simplify such processes as sending money or cashing outs for their customers overseas.

The Best Travel Card: Know All Its Benefits

If you are searching for the best travel money card, you should consider the key features of the most optimal variant. To stay pleased with the financial services guaranteed by the banking institution, pay attention to the range of benefits the bank accounts for travelers can bring:

  • Zero issue fees and multi-currency bank account for various transactions including sending funds, cash-outs, and savings;
  • Easy-to-budget options with lock-in exchange rates. Online, physical, and mobile payments are available for customers;
  • The availability of regular notifications. The best card for overseas travel can usually be served and managed through the mobile app;
  • Extra security measures due to remote monitoring functions like travel debit card locks/unlocks, etc. are presented;
  • Cashbacks for transfers, online purchases overseas, and other services paid during the business trip or family voyage;
  • A favorable international travel card offers purchase and belonging coverage to exclude the risk of losses and looting cases.

According to the latest report, the best-matching card for traveling can save up to 90% of the funds customers spend abroad during their trips. This is a very efficient way to plan your family or other budgets. Compared with average banking accounts with no focus on voyages overseas, a travel card selected according to the client’s demands can meet all the expectations in the context of finance management and cost savings.

Together with the above-listed benefits, customers can count on better exchange fees in case of auto-conversion abroad. The best travel money card is Google or Apple Pay friendly to make transactions without physical plastic. International money transfers can be undertaken online via a smartphone, laptop, PC, or tablet with minimum or even zero fees. It is recommended to check the independent network of ATMs worldwide.

Which Travel Money Card in 2023: The List of Best Online Ones for Traveling

2023 is the time for ever-changing digital environments. That is why the best-matching travel card should obtain various online banking services. Additionally, exchange fees should be low while cashback rewards are going to be high. That is why the client’s current account cannot be budget-efficient for traveling.

Take a closer look at the list of top variants for voyagers. Select the best travel credit card or the prepaid one for your trips. There are five banking packages from leading financial service providers to consider:

  • Wise Travel Card;
  • Travelex Travel Money Card;
  • Revolut Travel Debit Card;
  • American Express Gold international travel card;
  • Pelikin Student travel money card.

One of these greyhounds in the context of banking services for voyagers can become your perfect match. Discover the best travel card that meets your requirements to save, transfer, and cash out funds on your trip. Note that each variant has its own status that highlights the exclusive features clients prefer.

1 – Wise (The Best International Exchange Rates)

Meet the best card for overseas travel if you are searching for affordable exchange rates. Wise offers attractive banking services for travelers. The card allows transactions with more than 40 currencies. Zero annual and monthly fees are one more advantage for clients. Additionally, all the transactions together with sending money abroad do not require any charges.

Among other key features of this card are:

  • Exceptionally low conversion fees in comparison with any other similar debit or travel credit card;
  • Cash withdrawals are free in case if the customer draws up to $350 monthly;
  • The limit for ATM-based withdrawals is $2.700 for one calendar day;
  • It is possible to open three virtual bank accounts linked to this best travel card.

But there are some weak spots to take into consideration if you are interested in this best travel card for Europe, the USA, and visiting other countries. For example, customers can open an account as soon as they want. But the physical card will be ready in 7-14 days.

One more challenge for active travelers who spend a lot of money during their trips is the limit for zero-fee cash withdrawals. If you are planning to spend more than $350 per day, be ready for fixed charges equal to $1.50 for each transaction. Additionally, 1.75% of the amount cashed is one more fee to consider.

2 – Travelex (The Best for Often ATM Withdrawals with Zero Fees)

Many clients call Travelex the best travel card for Europe due to its no-charge withdrawals through Western Union and Moneygram accessible for European residents. But the wide range of currencies for auto-conversion and cash-outs in Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, and American dollars, euros, Thai baht, pound sterling, etc.

A great option for improved banking account security is round-the-clock emergency assistance and 24/7 customer support. But the most significant advantage for travelers is unlimited ATM withdrawals throughout the world without fees. Speaking about weak spots, there is no cashback for clients like other similar cards have.

3 – Revolut (The Best for Cryptocurrency Transactions)

Many customers are searching for a crypto-friendly debit or a travel credit card. Revolut is a great choice for this purpose. There are several membership packages where standard plans do not require any monthly fees. Besides cryptocurrencies, customers can opt for more than 25 currencies available for transactions.

One more benefit for card active users is chargeless ATM withdrawals if the daily sum is less than $350. If you are planning to get more cash per day, take a closer look at another best travel credit card presented in the list.

4 – American Express Gold Card (The Best for Unlimited Cash-Outs)

If you would like to find the optimal credit card with travel insurance, pay attention to the American Express banking service pack for travelers. There is special-purpose luggage insurance to protect your belongings. Additionally, clients can use the solid reward program to earn points for flight booking, restaurant orders, etc. The higher the customer’s rating is; the more generous cashback is going to be received. Zero charges for any purchases abroad are guaranteed.

But be ready for some cons this credit card with travel insurance has. For example, there is a zero introductory APR period and rather high annual fees for the banking services used. A user should pay at least $250 every year for customer service.

5 – Pelikin (The Best for Students Who Travel)

Young travelers can save their funds and spend more on entertainment with the Pelikin special prepaid card. It is possible to book flights with a 15% discount and get 2% cashback for purchases. This card requires online banking services and Apple Pay options via the app. Pelikin offers regular promo codes for students for more discounts abroad (about 150.000 special offers in different countries).

About 20 currencies are available for transactions. The only fixed fee customers should pay annually is $30. General cash back categories are payments for food & beverages, restaurants, booking, and transport tickets. The virtual card is accessible right after the account opening. The physical plastic will be sent to the user in 2-3 calendar days.

Final Word

Travel with great pleasure and exceptional convenience with special-purpose cards. Opt for awesome perks like cashback, reward points, zero fees for withdrawals and international transfers, and many more. Select one from the top list according to your personal demands. Make the family or business trip comfortable and even cost-saving due to the banking services available.