Chase SWIFT/BIC Codes

In the era of digitalization and online banking, people need modern solutions to manage their funds remotely, without any need for physical presence in banks and other financial institutions. International money transfers are among the most popular transactions nowadays. For this purpose, users select the fin corp of their interest and the intermediary digital network like SWIFT to make all the operations fast and safe.

Chase is one of the top-ranking financial service vendors in the world people entrust their money assets and remit funds globally. Sending any some to the selected recipient will not take much time and is not going any hassles if the basic aspects are considered. For secure and speedy remittance sessions, a Chase SWIFT code should be used.
Know which character set is needed to remit money to friends, relatives, business partners, manufacturers, and other parties from another country. Take a closer look at the BIC/SWIFT code for international remitting procedures.

What Is the Chase Bank (JPMorgan Chase)?

The history of this financial institution is quite long. It started in the 18th century when the first banking options were pioneered. People began their exploration of wealth management tactics and the introduction of fin-corp services for their savings. The most notable years in Chase’s contemporary history book are from the 2000s up to today. Modernization, fast updates, and digitization took place.

And now we have the optimal establishment to undertake wire transfers, money exchange, and other operations smoothly via online banking packages accessible through entering the relevant Chase SWIFT number. There are many branches in different locations in the United States & Canada together with partnering physical offices and ATMs throughout the world.

Speaking about the landmark events of this fin corp, here is a list of the most remarkable ones to consider:

  • The merging of Chase with J.P. Morgan and Bank One in 2000-2004. The environmentally-friendly branch modernizations. The first green branch appeared in Denver in 2007.
  • The strategy to fight the worldwide financial crisis touched housing & mortgage global markets and was developed in 2008 by Chase’s team to protect consumers. The tandem with Bear Stearns companies to attract investments and stabilize the situation was a great solution.
  • 2010 became the year of incredible mobile banking techniques applied. People around the world were thankful to the JPMorgan Chase empire for the opportunity to transfer money from the United States to any selected recipient while using pocket screens (tablets, smartphones, other gadgets).

The next year was the milestone in the context of a new IPO with the highest showings. Initial public offerings became accessible at more favorable conditions. Additionally, the banking institution assured extra support for veterans in 2011. All the military spouses pretended for new terms and regulations, commitments, and extra reward points.

2013 became the year of giant initiatives the company decided to promote. Almost $250 million were invested to help people with their job orientation and skill set upgrades. The initiative was driven by long-term prospects. Five-year educational programs were held by the Chase organization.

Chase Pay was developed in 2015. The era of in-pay financial operations began. In a year a range of other initiatives took place. For example, the banking organization aspired to support youth, communities, economy in general.

What Is the Chase Bank Swift Code?

If you are interested in sending money abroad or in other similar financial operations, it is important to know the relevant Chase SWIFT code. It is the 8-digit character set used by the sender for international transfers. The original code for the SWIFT network payments contains:

  • 4 first letters are the abbreviation that is about the bank code;
  • 2 letters are the abbreviation that is about the country code;
  • 2 last letters or numbers are about the location code.

This way the Chase bank SWIFT code is CHASUS33 where CHAS is the abbreviation for Chase banking organization, US is for the United States of America, and 33 is for the unique location-based pattern.

But the standard SWIFT code for Chase Bank might be not enough to transfer money to the US / from the US. The 8-digit pattern can be changed into the 11-character set. Discover the required BIC for Chase Bank. There is a range of banking identifier codes to take into consideration.

How to Find the BIC for Chase Bank?

Suppose you want to find the relevant BIC Chase SWIFT number. In that case, it is better to pay attention to data presented on the official bank site or ask managers about the statement from the banking establishment. One more way to get the required information in the context of BICs for SWIFT network transactions is to explore the helpline (helpdesk) of the financial establishment of your interest.

Additionally, take a closer look at the table with bank identifier patterns. Note that every Chase BIC code will contain 11 characters. It means that three additional digits appear as the code for the bank branch. Here, is a list of Chase BIC code patterns:

Chase Banking Branch

BIC/SWIFT code for Chase

Private Banking Investment Branch


New York Bullion Branch


TSU Branch


Federal Funds New York Branch


Cash Management Branch


Multicurrency & Currency Exchange Branch


Message Express Branch


It can be seen that in most cases three last characters are changed. A single branch that operates through the partnering terms & conditions uses a SWIFT code and a BIC without similarities with other patterns listed above.

Before Using the Chase Bank SWIFT Code: All the Benefits of the Bank

Most customers are interested in the safe multi-checking account for personal needs. The Chase terms and conditions for this banking option are pretty favorable. The maintenance fee is about $12 monthly which is quite affordable for the average user interested in great wealth management and the opportunity to transfer money to the US or from the US to another country.

All the basic accounts have the extra option of secure online banking and safe access banking provided for a small fixed charge – about $5 per month. A great benefit of this fin-corp establishment most people use for international transfers via the Chase SWIFT number/SWIFT BIC codes is zero fees for money orders and cashier’s checks.

Speaking about IB (interest-bearing) accounts there, users can face with rather low APY rates (about 0.01%). There are several packages for the bank’s clients:

  • Premier Plus Checking (for average balances and home loans);
  • Sapphire Banking (for balances up to $75.000);
  • Private Client Pack (for accounts with more than $76.000 – up to $150.000).

Note that holders of such cards and users of the above-listed banking services have round-the-clock access to remitting procedures overseas. The only necessary detail to provide managers for the transaction is the relevant SWIFT code for Chase Bank.

Among other notable advantages of the Chase banking system are:

  • A great banking option for military accounts – flexible terms and conditions for veterans and in-force militarists;
  • No currency conversion fees for military account holders and other clients of the bank;
  • Three plans for youth in the context of the banking accounts for young consumers;
  • Lower overdraft fees compared with other fin-corp organizations;
  • Autosave options for customized automatic deposits;
  • Competitive CD rates and a wide range of welcome bonuses;
  • About 15 thousand ATMs together with branch locations (check BIC/SWIFT codes for remittance).

Weak spots also take place. Consider them to avoid some challenging situations:

  • More expensive business accounts in comparison with other banking structures worldwide;
  • anking identifier SWIFT codes (BICs) are not presented on the official website of the bank;
  • Rather poor saving account conditions – interests are pretty low.

Inform your recipient about higher out-of-network ATM charges if you remit funds with the help of the Chase SWIFT code.


The global payment network SWIFT opens new horizons for people who are searching for safe ways to remit funds worldwide. Chase Bank is one of the most popular ones for this purpose. If you are looking forward to sending money abroad, you will likely find the relevant Chase bank SWIFT code. Check BICs and the SWIFT-driven character pattern in the article above. The most common sets required for transactions are presented in the table.

Speaking about the benefits, of global banking intermediary systems like SWIFT, the main advantage is its 100% accessibility around the world. Just prepare payment details to be sure that the specified amount will be transferred to the recipient. The key data entry you should know is the SWIFT code for Chase Bank. Note that CHASUS33 is applicable if the transaction is undertaken through the head office of this financial institution. Check BICs for other locations, branches, etc.

Remember that SWIFT-based transactions are about 100% transparency, identification-coding safety, digital-friendliness, accessibility, accountability, and high-speed processing of the remittance. Take a closer look at this kind of international payment. It might become your favorite way to send funds to your relatives, friends, business partners, employees, etc.