Live and Study in Europe for Indians

Most Indians search for countries to study abroad instead of attending local universities. The education system in India is not lacking in drawbacks. Indian students do not like poor grading systems and practical knowledge in local educational establishments. Another reason to explore alternative locations to study is the focus on theory subjects instead of practices essential for true professionals.

Additionally, it is rather challenging to hit employment areas in India. The low salaries and overworking hours also annoy young people. That is why more and more enrollees are interested in the best European countries for Indian students. Living conditions and affordable entertainment also matter when it comes to the selection of the optimal country in Europe and the university.

Why Explore the Best European Countries for Indian Students?

As can be seen, the Indian education system is far from perfect. Together with poor grading, lack of practical knowledge, and zero promotion of logical and analytical thinking, there are other weak spots to consider:

  • Poor job opportunities for graduates;
  • Mugging up with various theoretical insights;
  • Zero capability to choose favorite subjects;
  • Low-quality teachers in the colleges and universities;
  • Challenging private schools and no overall development, etc.

It’s a pity, but talented students might never become professionals in the niche they would like to perform. Only self-studying can become the magic wand to reach all the skills, knowledge, and insights for the future job. But it is more reasonable to surf the Internet and find the best European countries for Indian enrollees with marvelous high-school opportunities and prospects for foreign graduates.

Study in Europe for Indian Students: More Reasons to Enter the European University

First, European countries have solid education systems to consider. It is possible to find the best place to live in Europe for Indian students and learn subjects in high schools with academic excellence, opportunities for research, and the best conditions for critical thinking training among youth.

Secondly, foreigners can opt for culture and language diversity there. Joining a multicultural environment is an awesome experience when you are young and ambitious. Among other reasons to study in Europe for Indian students are:

  • Various funding opportunities – it is possible to save money on studying with the help of different scholarships and grants.
  • Sound career prospects – the European job market is impressive compared to India. It will be easier to get a work Visa and pretend on high salaries if you start your professional way as a graduate specialist somewhere in Europe.
  • A plethora of programs to study in Europe from India. Some students can select short-term courses with employment guarantees and live/work hassle-free in the European country of their interest.
  • More ways to gain experience and become a qualified expert in the required field. Even if the Indian student does not want to work abroad after graduation, he(she) will come back home as a great professional who can apply for almost any job position in the Motherland.

It goes without saying that Europe allows foreigners all the conditions for travel and exploration. The high-school times can become the most breathtaking due to affordable traveling via any transportation and to any European location. But how to go to Europe from India? Take a closer look at the essential preparations even if you still do not have an idea which country, city/town, and university to choose.

Where to Start: Tips for Indian Students

If you face an overchoice in the context of the universities and European locations, it is better to start with the initial preparations for going abroad. For example, think of how your parents or relatives will send funds to you from India to Europe. Explore all the payment systems for wire transfers to skip high fees and other hassles.

Even if you are planning to work hard from the first days abroad, the adaptation in the new place will require some spare cash for routine things (food, clothes, stationeries, etc.). Open an international account or try some e-wallets with easy sending money overseas. Your optimal online banking will not require enormous fees for transfers and currency exchange operations. Use this wallet for savings in euros if you are lucky enough to find the work and earn funds.

Do not spend much money on clothes and accessories. It is better to buy all the necessary things at home. Install the best online translator to speak English fluently, even though you should practice this language more and more. The live communication will erase your language barriers 2-3 weeks after coming aboard.

Additionally, think about your working space. Do you have everything for studying? A laptop, a table lamp, and some gadgets to simplify your student’s routine activities will come in handy. Buy earphones so as not to get distracted if any party or noisy talk is in your room.

After all these preparations, it is high time to pick sides with the best place to live in Europe for Indian enrollees. While having selected the country and the university, you will be able to use Google Maps to investigate streets, entertainment, places of interest, and much more virtually to get ready for first-hand experience locally.

How to Go to Europe from India? Tips to Find the Best-Matching Place for Studying & Work

Each European country has its average cost of living. You should estimate your financial capabilities first. Count on money transfers from your family if necessary, or select the location where you can try part-time jobs to earn money to live comfortably.

And now, let’s check the most favorable countries with their high schools for Indians. The guide will contain the list of universities to choose from and the monthly budgets for living if you are a student.

1 – France

This is a beautiful European country with a plethora of universities, courses, and financial aid programs for foreigners. It might become the best place to live in Europe for Indian students. Among the top high schools to consider are Sorbonne University, PSL, Aix Marseille University, and Paris Saclay High School.

With these opportunities in French higher education, there is an alternative way to get the profession and skill up through special-purpose courses like fashion & design, engineering, urban planning, etc. France is one of the best European countries for Indian enrollees when it comes to grants and scholarships. Check the Erasmus+ and similar programs. The average cost of living in France is about 800 euros (from 450 euros to 1.250 euros per month).

2 – The United Kingdom of Great Britain

Which European country is the best for Indian students? Pay attention to the UK and its universities. Great Britain is proud of establishments for higher education like University College London or King’s College. But be ready for increased living costs in the capital of the UK (from 1.200 to 1.400 GBT). Find some universities in small towns to save money and live comfortably.

Additionally, take a closer look at alternative options like courses in business & management, healthcare, and environment science to study in Europe from India and attend part-time job positions after classes. Among the grants and other programs for students’ financial aid, the British Chevening Scholarship and the Hornby Educational Trust Scholarship are the most in demand.

3 – Netherlands

This is the best European country to study and work for Indian students. First, the Netherlands allows excellent conditions for work and study (even for foreigners). Students from India can count on the monthly medium-sized living costs (about 800 euros). Many young people like a pretty engaging environment with diverse programs and independent learning tactics.

Opt for the Netherlands if you want to study in Europe from India if you are searching for various scholarships (Holland, Radboud, Erik Bleumink, and other programs). Speaking about courses and alternative educational solutions, the Dutch educational system is notable for the professional teaching of economics and finance, social sciences, arts & design, and sustainability subjects.

4 – Sweden

Swedish Karolinska Institute and Lunds University are renowned worldwide. Together with other famous educational establishments like Uppsala and Gothenburg universities, Sweden can become the best European country to study and work for Indian students. Compared to other locations in Europe, the average monthly cost of living there is affordable (about 700-800 euros).

The list of various programs to receive significant financial aid from local authorities is impressive. For example, young people from India can apply for Umea University scholarships or win the Stockholm University grant.

Which European country is the best for Indian students interested in undergraduate and graduate programs? Sweden! Check other exciting courses where Swedish professors teach design, creative arts, social science, etc.

Summarizing: Which European Country Is Best for Indians?

European countries attract international students with their diverse range of universities, high-quality education, multicultural environments, different funding aid programs, rewards, etc. We have reviewed all the steps India-based enrollees should undertake before choosing the location and the university in Europe. So, which European country is the best for Indian students? It depends on personal tastes and requirements. But the most favorable countries are France, the UK, the Netherlands, and Sweden.