How to send money to India from the US?

Many Indians who moved to the United States of America to improve their standard of living due to better wages are faced with the question of how to send money to India from USA. For some Indians, the priority is the speed of transferring money to the bank; for others, the amount’s size is essential, or the cash reaches the recipient. This article will look at the transfer criteria and payment systems.

Basic transfer parameters

Knowing which payment systems allow this and the leading indicators when making transfers is necessary to provide the best way to send money to India from USA.

Transfer speed

Each payment service carries out transfers within a certain period. Some systems take seconds, but there are others where the transfer can take up to a week. It’s worth noting that some providers can speed up sending funds online for a fee or increased commission.

Amount of commission for the service

For many Indians, the best app to transfer money from USA to India is one that has no or very little commission. But for international money transfer, almost all financial providers charge a commission. Each payment system has a percentage or fixed fee for transferring money (mainly for small amounts). The commission percentage can be influenced by the size of the transferred amount (the more money, the higher the commission) and the distance to the place of receipt.

The exchange rate between USD and rupees

The cheapest way to send money to India from USA, in addition to commissions, is also affected by the exchange rate between USD and INR. Not many payment providers can boast of an acceptable exchange rate. Therefore, for those whose priority is exchange rate exchange, it is essential to pay attention to this.

Provider usability

Money transfer to India from USA should be simple and convenient. An important factor is the ease of use of the service. Few people will want to use a provider to make bank transfers, and it takes a long time to activate a current account, enter a lot of data, and waste time on confusing operations wandering through an obscure interface.

Transfer amount restrictions

As a rule, payment systems limit the transfer amount per day, per day, half a year, or year. Therefore, if an Indian plans to regularly send enormous amounts to a bank account in India, then the best way to transfer money from USA to India will be using a provider that does not have a limit on the transfer amount or the limit size indicates a sufficiently large amount.

Considering these factors of payment providers, it is worth choosing the most appropriate service to make an international transfer.

What services exist for transferring funds?

To make it easier for you to choose a financial provider, we will present a guide to payment services that can be used to create a money transfer to India from USA.


It is one of the most popular ways to send savings home. The service is high-speed, the interface is easy to use, and there is a sufficient degree of security. This application is available for Android and iOS operating systems. Thanks to it, the user can transfer funds to an account, track transactions, and know the exchange rate online. It is the best app to transfer money from USA to India. The transfer takes up to three days, but if you pay to reduce the time, the money will arrive in 4 hours. There is no fee for receiving money, and the rate for sending is competitive. There is such an option – you can find out precisely the date and time of receipt of funds to the recipient.


If an Indian does not know how to transfer money from USA to India, then to solve this problem, he can use the Wise payment service. It is a stable and profitable transfer platform. The exchange rate is around the market average, with small commissions and many available payment options. The duration of the transfer is 2-3 days. The disadvantages include the inability to receive cash. Despite this, many believe this is the best way to transfer money from USA to India.


Sending funds using WorldRemit is reliable and allows you to transfer money in various ways, so the service has a high reputation among Indian senders. For transfers to get cash, this platform is very competitive. Despite the attractive commissions and exchange rates, it is considered the best online transfer.


This payment service is the brainchild of PayPal, which is why many do money transfer to India from USA using Xoom. It is a reasonably reputable platform, although it has the most unfavorable commission and exchange rates compared with other providers. However, competitiveness is ensured by high reliability, the ability to receive cash, and the fact that the transfer of funds occurs quickly. In addition, various options are available to send and receive money.

Let’s look at how to send money from USA to India using Xoom. To do this, you need to take the following steps:

  • go to the website or application;
  • indicate the amount to be sent;
  • indicate into which currency the sent funds should be converted;
  • select a method for the recipient: receipt on a card or in cash (specify the point of issue).

The system will then direct you to the PayPal page to log in (or register). After this, the user will be returned to Xoom, where he will indicate the necessary personal data of the recipient. After this, the money is sent.


Many Indians believe this is the best way to transfer money from USA to India due to its convenience and high reliability. Also, many Indians have a PayPal account. The main disadvantage is the expensive exchange rates, and the competitiveness of commissions is manifested in less than 0.3% of cases. The transfer of funds takes approximately three days.


It is the best way to send money to India from USA. The system offers the best (virtual) card or online currency account. The interface is thought out as much as possible for ease of use. The provider has reasonable fees for international transfers when using a debit card. Transactions up to €1,000 (approximately US$1,060) are sent without foreign exchange fees. Although the service is free, some international transfers may incur costs, and currency conversions are higher on weekends. Despite this, money transfer to India from USA using Revolut is considered the best option for transfers and financial management.


It is the cheapest way to send money to India from USA. Instagram is a popular provider that makes transfers convenient. The process of creating an account on the platform is quick and easy. In addition, sending funds is fast, inexpensive, and at a favorable exchange rate. This service has a reasonably high rating.


How to send money from USA to India in a few minutes? The answer is using the Profee provider. This service has a high degree of security and has a convenient mobile application. The platform features favorable exchange rates and allows the opening of a multi-currency electronic wallet. The main drawback is that the American dollar needs to be supported. Therefore, you must first convert dollars into euros locally and then carry out the transfer.

Western Union

The Western Union platform will help you answer how to send money to India from USA for up to 50,000 USD. This service is reliable but is only sometimes transparent in commissions (about 100 USD if by credit card), and the exchange rate is not the most attractive (3-5% higher than the market average). The service has an excellent application that is clear and easy to use and the ability to track transactions. In addition, different translation methods are available. The maximum transfer is 50 thousand US dollars (with identification confirmation) and 3 thousand without identification confirmation.


An excellent provider for international transfers and ranked second after Western Union. Depending on the transfer method, money arrives in a few minutes to several days. Cash is speedy, and bank transfers usually take 24 hours but can take longer (depending on the bank). How to transfer money from USA to India using MoneyGram? Either through the app or in the branch itself. The maximum transfer amount is 10 thousand US dollars; if you are planning more, then only through the unit with the provision of the required documents. Moreover, a country like the USA takes personal data checks very seriously.


From the above, it becomes clear how to send money to India from USA: many different methods have advantages and disadvantages. The main principle of selecting a provider is to determine the priorities in the characteristics of payment systems: speed, commission amount, exchange rate, and limits on the transferred amount.