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May 30

Community Fiber in Washington, D.C., Seattle, and, San Francisco: Lessons Learned

Last month, Bill Schrier and Robert Kangas interviewed with Susan Crawford’s office (Harvard Law, formerly President Barack Obama’s Special Assistant for Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy and is currently a columnist for Bloomberg View) for a paper she was writing on difficulties in pushing out Fiber Optic internet to Seattle, Washington DC, and San Francisco. She articulated the …

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Jan 21

UPTUN’s preferred way forward with broadband infrastructure

UPTUN sent a letter to Mayor Murray and the Seattle City Council on January 21st, 2014 to suggest the way forward with improving broadband infrastructure in Seattle.   Dear Mayor Murray: The members of UPTUN.org (Upping Technology for Underserved Neighbors) are enormously grateful that you’re making broadband a priority so quickly into your new administration, …

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Oct 29

Why is broadband more expensive in the US?

From the BBC: “Americans pay so much because they don’t have a choice,” says Susan Crawford, a former special assistant to President Barack Obama on science, technology and innovation policy. Although there are several national companies, local markets tend to be dominated by just one or two main providers. “We deregulated high-speed internet access 10 …

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Sep 30

Broadband Failures of Seattle – Timeline

View the full-size version of timeline: Broadband Failures of Seattle

Jul 15

Mayor McGinn’s Broadband Dreams Slow To Materialize

From KUOW: When Mike McGinn ran for mayor in 2009, he campaigned on the promise of high-speed internet for all of Seattle. But once elected, he struggled to implement anything close to that. Four years later McGinn still presides over a city of internet haves and have-nots. … Centurylink Cancelled Seattle Updates But back on Beacon …

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Mar 08

Bruce Harrell: Improving broadband service in Beacon Hill neighborhood

In February, Bruce Harrell sent the North Beacon Hill Council a letter expressing support for a broadband pilot project on Beacon Hill.  This is a project on Beacon Hill that CenturyLink would like to work on that would provide two fiber-to-the-node sites that would potentially provide homes near the sites with 80-100 megabits/second broadband speed. …

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Sep 14

CenturyLink Public Meeting – September 20th @ El Centro de la Raza

CenturyLink is having a public meeting at El Centro de la Raza on Beacon Hill on Thursday, September 20th.  Do you want to find out about potential broadband upgrades in this year?  How about possibly hearing about projects after that?  You should check out this meeting and talk to CenturyLink.  Here’s the notice: Hello Beacon …

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Jul 10

CenturyLink: Proposed broadband equipment sites on Beacon Hill / Central District

CenturyLink is trying to get new broadband equipment placed in Beacon Hill and the Central District so they can start rolling out better broadband services.  They need some public support.  The following maps show where proposed equipment sites are. If you or someone you know lives close near one of these locations, and is possibly …

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May 07

Rolling out high-speed internet in Renton vs. Seattle

As part of trying to figure out why broadband infrastructure upgrades in Seattle are so far behind, we’ve been talking to some of the broadband providers in the area.  CenturyLink was kind enough to provide us a glimpse of what the permitting process is like for new equipment is like in Seattle vs. Renton.  There’s …

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Sep 13

UPTUN News & Views SUMMER 2011

UPTUN News & Views SUMMER 2011 by Tracy Bier, UPTUN To spur efforts to re-mobilize, UPTUN Work Team members Tracy Bier and Walt Niemela met downtown with the City of Seattle Office of Technology officials – Bill Schrier (Chief), Tony Perez, Erin Devoto It was sunny outside August 25 when Chief of Seattle Technology Bill Schrier got …

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